NTN Bearings dealers in Nagpur

Nagpur is famous for its orange production and along with the oranges it is also famous for some of
the minerals such as clay, zinc ore, and few other productions. Irrespective of the type of industry and
the scale of industry we have always been offering the products but the high quality and the affordable
price and hence we have been considered to be the most reliable NTN Bearings dealers in Nagpur.

It’s been more than 50 years since the Kashetter group of firms was established in Bangalore and now
we have reached in the position where we are shipping the different types of industrial products,
equipment, machinery parts and the water treatment chemicals to the entire world. Not only are we
just offering the most affordable NTN Bearings price but we are also offering the affordable price for
each and every type of industrial products.

We have not just been the dealers of NTN Bearings in Nagpur but we have also been the dinners of
many other important related industrial products about which you can have a look at our official
website. Each and every type of bearing comes with a different specification and hence depending
upon those features and specifications its application will be decided.

We are so glad to be considered as the NTN Bearings dealers and this has been able to achieve only
because of all the team members who has been working here since more than decades of years and
has acquired great knowledge regarding this profession and exhibited the professional ethics in every

The related industrial products information will be updated on our official website and in case if
anyone has a requirement for the customized products you can always contact us or visit the company
and put your requirement details before us.

NTN Bearings dealers in Nagpur