NTN Bearings suppliers in Kanpur

Kanpur is one of the popular I’m major industrial centre in the north India’s region where it has
achieved being the 8th place in the list of top 10 smart cities which was officially released by the union
ministry of housing as well as the Urban Development. The Kashetter group of firms was established
in Bangalore but we are providing the service all over India so that the customer satisfaction is
achieved and there is a high efficiency and high rate of production in the different kinds of industries.
So, we are considered to be the most reliable NTN Bearings suppliers in Kanpur since many years.

It might be a ball bearing, roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing, self-aligning roller bearing,
spherical bearing, cylindrical bearing, radial bearing, magnetic bearing or any other type of bearing
accessories, the cherry groups are offering the most reliable NTN Bearings price in Kanpur since more
than decades of years. We always make sure to achieve the high quality and high efficiency of the
products in the design methodology and distribute them according to the needs of the industries.

On being the most reliable suppliers of NTN Bearings in Kanpur, we have understood clearly
regarding the needs of the industries as well as the clients and how to achieve the customer
satisfaction. If you’re looking for the other related types of products, you can check the website of
Kashetter group of firms and in case if you get any kind of queries, you can always text us or visit the

Along with being the NTN Bearings suppliers, we are also the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers,
importers, distributors and also the service providers of thousands of varieties of industrial products,
equipment as well as the water treatment chemicals that are highly certified by both the Indian as well
as the international authorities.

NTN Bearings suppliers in Kanpur