NTN Plummer block bearings suppliers in Mysore

Kashetter Group of firms are the best solution providers in Mysore since 1964 that is when the cherry
group was established in Bangalore. we have been very hard working and dedicated to our profession
with following the professional ethics in the entire process. Mysore is famous for having the
industries related to the sandalwood carving, bronze work, weaving and also the production of lime.
However, we have been able to help out these industries in achieving the work efficiency and hence
we are considered to be the most reliable and I trusted NTN Plummer block bearings suppliers in
Mysore since a very long time.

Plummer blocks are available in different specifications and brands and depending upon the type of
application they can be chosen. There are different types of bearing materials used in the plummer
blocks such as the carbon steel bearing, Chrome steel bearing ceramic bearing, hybrid bearing,
stainless steel bearing polymer plastic bearing and many more. If you’re purely opting for the
complete customization of the same, you can send or mail us the complete requirements or book an
appointment with us and further we can discuss about it.

Each type of NTN Plummer block bearing price comes in a very reasonable cost and along with that
we are also supplying all of its types and specifications in Mysore. We feel so glad that we have been
rewarded as the best suppliers of NTN Plummer bearings in Mysore but we feel even more glad that
we were able to achieve the customer satisfaction on these years of consistent dedication and smart

The most common countries to which we have been exporting in the huge quantity R the United Arab
Emirates, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and many more foreign countries
covering almost all the locations in the world.

NTN Plummer block bearings suppliers in Mysore