Nylon Conveyor Roller Manufacturers in Chennai

Chennai is one of the largest industrial and commercial centres of South India with providing the
greater economic contribution to India since a very long time. The 1/3 of the India’s automobile
industry is based on the Chennai and Chennai is also known as one of the major film production cities
in the entire India. The Kashetter group of firms have always been coming forward with providing the
clients but the different types of necessary products that has the ability of performing various
functions and hence we are also considered to be the most reliable nylon conveyor rollers
manufacturers in Chennai.

The nylon conveyor rollers are used for multiple applications because nylon is high in resisting the
wear when compared to the other materials and this helps enrollers to last for a longer period of time.
Using the nylon in the construction of the rollers can save a lot of money on replacement and even the
downtime for changing the rollers. We are having the different conveyor rollers designed with a
different construction material depending upon which, it will be utilized for different applications.
Each of the conveyor nylon rollers have the quality approval certification from the high recognized
authorities and hence we are shipping them all over the world.

The cherry groups are not just the manufacturers of nylon conveyor roller in Chennai, but we are also
the manufacturers for other types of products like the rubber sheets and its products, water treatment
chemicals, all the different varieties of conveyor rollers, conveyor belt, machinery parts, EPDM
sheets, vibratory motor, all the different specifications of gearbox and a lot more types of customized
products also.

Other than the nylon conveyor rollers if you have any requirements for the customization, you can
always get back to us and make your orders according to your needed specifications.

Nylon Conveyor Roller Manufacturers in Chennai