Pedestal blocks manufacturer in Kolhapur

The maximum economy of the Kolhapur industry is driven by the textile industry. Apart from the
textile industry there are also other types of industrial sectors, both in small scale as well as the large
scale. All the necessities and the needs of these both scales of industries are looked after by the
Kashetter group of firms since more than decades of years. So, we have been considered to be the
most reliable pedestal blocks manufacturers in Kolhapur since a very long time.

Regardless of the type and the specification each type of product consists of, we are providing with
the most affordable pedestal block price in all the industries in Kolhapur. To make sure that each of
the client is carefully regarding the safety and quality of the products we are offering, we double
check the condition of the product under the guidance of the quality experts and also has got the
certification of approval from the highly recognized authorities, that are accepted in the entire world.

Apart from being the most reliable manufacturers of pedestal block in Kolhapur we are also the most
famous and leading manufacturers of all the types of conveyor belts, as we had the main focus of
production on the conveyor belt and its types in the beginning. As we have been fulfilling the needs of
the clients and achieving the customer satisfaction over many decades, we have expanded our
business over large location covering almost all the places in the world.

We are not just the manufacturers of pedestal block in Kolhapur but we are also the manufacturers of
other products, we are also the wholesalers, retailers, dealers, suppliers, distributors, exporters,
importers and the service providers of thousands of varieties of water treatment chemicals as well as
the other machinery parts, equipment and products.

Pedestal blocks manufacturer in Kolhapur