Pedestal blocks manufacturer in Visakhapatnam

Vishakhapatnam is the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh with having its famous steel industry
and other types of industries also. It is also said to be a gem of South India and home to the
international port. The Kashetter group of firms has been one of the most reliable service providers
put all the types of industrial sectors and we are so glad that we have got such a great opportunity to
serve the industries and clients with our high quality and efficient service. Hence, we have also been
considered to be the most reliable Pedestal blocks manufacturers in Vishakhapatnam since more than
decades of years.

The pedestal blocks come with many of the benefits and advantages and most oftenly the main and
basic function of these blocks is to prevent the bearings from heat and contamination and to support
the bearing. Depending upon the specifications and the design methodology each type of pedestal
blocks will be used for different applications and along with that, the cherry groups are also offering
the most affordable pedestal block price not just within Vishakhapatnam but overall, India.

Other than being the most reliable manufacturers of pedestal block in Vishakhapatnam, we are also
one of the most noted and trusted manufacturers of conveyor belts, which has actually been our main
focus since the establishment of the Kashetter group of firms in 1964. Other than being the
manufacturers of pedestal block we are also the manufacturers of other types of products like EPDM
sheet, machinery parts, all the types of conveyor belts and conveyor roller, white hygienic elevator
belt, architectural rubber profile, water treatment chemicals, vibratory motor and its types, all the
types of gearboxes, many other products.

In case of queries, the clients can contact us through any mode of communication depending upon
their convenience.

Pedestal blocks manufacturer in Visakhapatnam