Pin Bush Coupling Supplier

There has been a lot demand for pin bush coupling supplier in India since last several years. the main
work of these couplings is to transfer the torque or the power from one shaft to another shaft
connected to each other at their ends and allow the transmission of power.
Kashetter Group Of Firms has been established almost before more than half of the century. We
have been in this professional field Since then and has gained the most experience in designing
various products of any specification according to the customers needs.
It is very much necessary to know about the specifications and features of the products before
buying. Hence here few features are listed below:
They are installed with flexibility.
They have an easy maintenance.
The compact design is inherited here.
The operation is done in a smooth and quiet manner.
They offer best span of duration for use.
We have been after largest supplier of pin bush coupling since many years. We have been supplying
them to a lot of places like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Nagpur, Jaipur,
pune And we have almost covered all the states of India. not only that, we have even supplied them
to various foreign countries also.
As one of the successful pin and Bush coupling supplier, we have purely made the focus on
delivering the quality products but the most reasonable price to the users and contributed a large
part in satisfying the demands of the market.
the other related industrial equipments that we offer are, conveyor belting, conveyor rollers, rubber
sheets, water treatment chemicals, get boxes and many other types of couplings are all available in
different specification and ranges.
We deliver these products to your location safely with the different modes of transportation
according to your convenience. Feel free to talk to us about anything related to products and also
get to know the best offers available at the moment.



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