PIX V belts Dealers in Aurangabad

Aurangabad consists of more than 60% of its land especially for the industrial purpose and its usage
which mainly focus on the textile defence, food, engineering and electronics and the rest land is for
the residential and commercial purpose. Apart from Being the most important industrial city,
Orangeburg is also famous for its historical monuments such as the Ajanta caves, and Ellora caves
and many more. To fulfil all the demands of the industrial needs, the cherry groups have come
forward what satisfying all these necessities and hence we have been considered to be the most
reliable PIX V belts dealers in Aurangabad.

There are many types of PIX V belts available with us in different specifications and brand and
depending upon some factors like it’s design specification, brand, features or the properties they are
being utilized for the specific applications in the industrial sector. We have been offering the most
affordable PIX V belts price in Aurangabad since more than decades of years and we are so glad that
the customers are happy and satisfied with the service we have been providing them.

Apart from being the most reliable dealers of PIX V belts in Aurangabad, we are also the wholesalers,
retailers, distributors, exporters and service providers of thousands of industrial equipment, machinery
parts as well as the water treatment chemicals we also offered the clients with the customized
products according to their needed specifications and hence if any of the interested customer has the
same need, you can always contact us or visit the company.

The Kashetter group of firms, although he is originally from Bangalore which was established in the
year 1964, on inculcating the new methodologies and technologies in the design process and on
achieving the customer satisfaction we have been able to expand our business over a large area.

PIX V belts Dealers in Aurangabad