PIX V belts Dealers in Delhi

Delhi being the capital of India is famous for a lot of things, but the major key industries include the
telecommunication, media, banking, tourism, information technology and the manufacturing
industries. The Kashetter group of firms, although we have established the firm in Bangalore but due
to the smart solutions that we have been providing to all the clients and on winning the trust of the
clients we have expanded our business over a large area. So, we are also considered to be the most
reliable PIX V belts dealers in Delhi since many years.

There are different types of PIX V belts available with us in the different specifications and the design
purpose but each of these types will be useful only for the related applications and hence, it is very
much required for the clients to have the information regarding the same. Most of the V belts are used
in the power transmissions where the major primary function of these belts is to transfer the power
from one source to another source.

The Kashetter group of firms, not just being the dealers of PIX V belts in Delhi, are also the
wholesalers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, exporters, importers and also the service providers of all
the range and series of PIX V belts in India and abroad. Each of the type that are being shipped to the
entire world has a certification from many of the international standards and also the Indian standard
as well.

The PIX V belts price in Delhi, that the Cherry groups have been offering to the clients will be of the
most affordable price, where we do not compromise with the quality of the product. There are also the
related products available with us about which you can get more information from our official

PIX V belts Dealers in Delhi