PIX V belts Dealers in Visakhapatnam

Because of all the beautiful scenic waves and beautiful beaches, the Vishakhapatnam is also popularly
known as the city destiny. There are many of the private sectors like the coromandel international,
ferro alloy corporation, gangavaram port and many of the other industrial hub which provides an
important role in generating the revenue. The Kashetter group of firms feels so glad for fulfilling all
these demands and hence we are considered to be the most leading PIX V belts dealers in

For having the different types of PIX V belts and shipping them all over the world covering each and
every important metropolitan location in the world we feel so glad that we have been hardworking
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On being the dealers of PIX V belts in Vishakhapatnam for more than decades of years we have very
well understood the needs and expectations of the clients from the service providers and hence we
have been serving them with those necessities. All the types of conveyor belts and conveyor rollers,
water treatment chemicals, different types of gearboxes, the rubber sheets and its products are some of
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Along with offering the most affordable PIX V belts price in Vishakhapatnam we are also offering all
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PIX V belts Dealers in Visakhapatnam