Plumer blocks manufacturer in Chennai

Chennai is said to be the home to Fort Saint George which was actually built in the year 1644 which
is now a museum showcasing the entire cities roots as the British military Garrison as well as the East
India company training outpost. To see a lot of different industrial sectors and to satisfy the needs and
requirements of these industries, the Kashetter group of firms have been providing with all the
necessary affordable and high-quality products since more than decades of years. Hence, we have also
been considered to be the most reliable Plumer blocks manufacturers in Chennai.

We have the different types of Plummer blocks in stock such as the split Plummer block, non-split
plumber block and many more types, series, brand. The most demanding features of the plumer
blocks are it has the connection bolts the markings for mounting and for additional dowel pin. They
come with having the firm stability as well as the rigidity. Although the application is decided
depending upon the features and specification it consists of, we are offering the most affordable
Plumer blocks price in Chennai.

On being the Plumer blocks manufacturers, the first and foremost thing that we need the clients to
give us is, they required specification and the type of application. There are even other related
products with us which can be manufactured with a customized specification according to the
requirement of the buyers. Hence you can feel free to contact us and discuss if you have any business

Apart from being the manufacturers of Plumer blocks in Chennai, we are also the wholesalers,
retailers, distributors, exporters, suppliers, dealers as well as the service providers of all the different
varieties of water treatment chemicals, rubber products, all the types of conveyor belts as well as the
conveyor rollers.

Plumer blocks manufacturer in Chennai