Plumer blocks manufacturer in Mysore

Mysore, along with being famous for its royal heritage and magnificent monuments, he is also famous
in manufacturing the agricultural products and the other automotive industries. The Kashetter group
of firms was actually established in the year 1964 and since then we have been trying to expand our
business over the other locations of India by providing the highly efficient and high-quality products
and services to the clients and learning over their trust. This has made us to be considered as one of
the most reliable Plumer blocks manufacturer in Mysore since many years.

Each and every specification of the Plumer blocks that we are offering comes with a high quality and
with the certification that has been approved by the most recognized authorities of Indian standards
and international standards which are accepted worldwide. Till now we have been supplying these
varieties to some of the places like Mysore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Surat, Lucknow
and a lot more such places.

We are also offering the most affordable Plumer blocks price not just within Mysore but also to all
the places in India. As we have been able to win over the trust of the clients and achieve the customer
satisfaction on maximum places in India, we have also been able to expand our business in the foreign
countries serving to some of the major countries like China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh,
United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and many more.

It’s been such a great honour for us to be considered as the most reliable manufacturers of Plumer
blocks in Mysore since more than decades of years where we have not only just been the
manufacturers of Plumer blocks but we have also been the wholesalers, retailers, dealers, exporters,
importers, suppliers, distributors and service providers of thousands of raw materials as well as the
water treatment chemicals.

Plumer blocks manufacturer in Mysore