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The cherry products and equipments are the most familiar and popular one in all the shops in India. this
is the place where the people have an easy access ability to all the different specified products with
affordable price.

The shop in India makes the customers to have the realistic experience and get to know about the
condition of the equipments in practical and help them choose the best type of equipment that are
required for Their particular type of application.
All the cherry products are high in its premium quality and has always been designed under the
guidance of the quality experts. It also has a certification from the recognised Indian as well as the
international standards and is being shipped all over the world.

all the types of products and chemicals that we are offering in different shops of India are, antiscalant,
descaling powder, Goodyear Canvas belt, sidewall belt, bucket elevators, feeder conveyor, pipe
conveyor belts, corrosion inhibitors, sludge conditioner, water treatment chemicals, rubber sheets, mats

The cherry belts are being supplied to various industrial shops since more than 50 years, that is when the
cash at a group of firms was established in Bangalore. we have purely dedicated our time and energy in
helping the industries achieve the best productivity and help them produce the quality raw materials.

We also are offering the customized industrial products with desirable specifications as per the
requirements of the clients. hence in order to discuss regarding this you can always contact us. we are
providing with various services and has been the distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, dealers,
retailers, wholesalers and exporters of wide range of products.

All the information regarding our products availability in shops, about the areas we are serving, about
the production units available all over the world and also regarding the availability of the different kinds
of products are all updated on our website, hence you can checkout the same and revert back to us.

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