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ply rubber conveyor belts are made of composite materials and fabrics. Here ply of structure is added in order to strengthen and increase resistance to impact. These ply rubber conveyor belt can be either nylon or polyester with different width.
Here 3 plies of fabrics are adhered to each other by using layers of polymer, rubber or maybe elastomer.  The number of plies plays an important role in strengthening and elongation of the conveyor belt. But affects flexibility.

Applications of 3ply rubber conveyor belt are as follows:
In agriculture sector
In food industries.
In packaging industries.
For sand and light aggregate.
For building sites.
And many more industries uses 3 ply rubber conveyor belts For various purposes.

Properties of 3 ply conveyor belts are listed below:
It is thicker than the normal conveyor belt.
It has the capacity to resist wear and tear.
It can also resist the punctures.
It requires large tension rollers.
They are subjected to high Impact Resistance.
Also the low elongation features reduces the tension.
The weight of the belts are lighter here and are more convenient for splicing.

There are also 5ply rubber conveyor belts, 6 ply rubber conveyor belts also 2 ply conveyor belts which differs in its strength, elongation and flexibility. But most used and effective type is the 3 ply rubber conveyor belt. We the manufacturer of 3 ply rubber conveyor belt are well aware of the standards set and maintain the good quality throughout the process. Avoid too much of pressure on conveyor belts and maintain taking frequent care of belts on use.
Well, you are in the right place if you are thinking to buy ply rubber conveyor belts. We are the leading exporters of many products  including 3 ply rubber conveyor belts all over India. Kashetter Group of Firms are the retailers, Service providers and also manufacturers of wide range of products. We are one of the best suppliers of 3 ply rubber conveyor belts in India.

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