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Ply conveyor belt are of different types where an extra ply is added between the layers to increase its strength. Well we have all kind of ply conveyor belts from 2-8 ply conveyor belts. 4 ply conveyor belts are basically flexible and strength giving where 4 ply materials are added in between the layers of conveyor belt. They are used based on the industrial requirements. Some of the Characteristics of the ply conveyor belt are as follows:
They have Good wet strength 4 ply conveyor belt are Suitable for medium small and heavy load transportation of materials.  ply rubber conveyor belts have good stability.
They do have a good elasticity 4 Ply rubber conveyor belts are designed with Very good adhesion property.
They have Low elongation. The flexibility of the ply conveyor belt depends on the number of ply hence it does have a good flexibility. 4 ply conveyor belt are designed with having Good Troughing ability. 4 ply conveyor belt are Resistant to heat.
They are also resistant to abrasion and few other properties. Our Kashetter Group Of Firms have all the varieties of ply conveyor belt with customized specifications. We are one among the leading exporters of India, where we transported our Cherry-products to almost all the continents by either road or railways or by airways.
The manufacturers of Kashetter Group Of Firms are very much experienced and have expertised in this field. conveyor belt manufacturers have decades of experience in designing the various products and meet the standards as per instructed by Indian and international standards.
We also manufacture elevator belts, wide varieties of conveyor belts, geared units, wire mesh, water treatment plants, conveyor magnets, conveyor rollers, rubber lagging sheets, and many more. Kindly check our Cherry-products in our website and feel free to ask any kind of queries.

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