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Activated carbon are actually called as activated charcoal which are commonly used to filter the
contaminants from the water as well as from the air and has many other users. do you do this
property and applications that are extensively used in both the small scale as well as the large scale
industrial sectors.

The kashetter group of firms are considered to be one of the most reliable activated carbon
wholesalers in India where we have not only been supplying the activated carbons but also many
other water treatment chemicals, Which are being shipped in large quantities to many of the foreign

The cherry groups are offering the most affordable activated carbon price in India to make it
affordable to each and everyone and make the best use of it. we have always followed the
professionalism with all our clients and hence by producing the quality and high efficient water
treatment chemicals we have being able to gain the trust of all the clients.

This has helped us in expanding our business over different locations of the world and using of this
activated carbons has a lot of benefits and features and the same are mentioned below:
They have lower cholesterol levels and improved kidney function.
They consist of the less gas and flatulence which also has the ability to cure the hangovers.
They consist of high surface area, variable pore size and volume.
They are chemically inert and has the maximum stability.
They are the non renewable source of energy and available easily in the market.

The other related water treatment chemicals that we are providing here are, antiscalant chemical,
high silica antiscalant chemical, oxidizing biocide chemicals, RO biocide, neutralizer boilers, Poly
electrolyte liquid, descaling liquid, corrosion inhibitors, sludge conditioner, Alkalinity reducer,
antifoulants, poly electrolyte powder, oxygen scavenger chemicals etc.

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