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ASTM-D-178 Insulating Mats are highly electrical resistant and non-conductive in nature. Hence,
these electrical safety mats are used primarily to insulate the operators, electricians, and the workmen
from any kind of electrical shock that originates from high voltage electrical equipment. Cherry
India manufactures these switchboard rubber mats according to the ASTM D178 standards set by the
American Society for Testing and Materials.
The top surface of the insulating mats features a fine ribbed design which provides two key features.
At first, it gives the insulating mats a superior surface area which aids in the dispersal of electrical
charge. Secondly, the fine ribs provide great non slip properties.
We have been offering a wide range of ASTM-D-178 Insulating Mats for various purposes. We are
one of the Largest ASTM-D-178 insulating Mats manufacturer in India. We also offer many other
types of industrial products and equipments or its machine parts. Our products are being used in all
over India.
We have all types of Insulating Mats available with Specifications as per you require. we provide a
fine guidance to the customers in choosing the right type of product for your type of application which
is the best quality having the best physical properties.
Till now, we have supplied these insulating mats to the places such as, Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Gujarat, pune, Jaipur, Coimbatore And have travelled almost every
state in India. we have also successfully shipped these products to abroad also.
we are also one of the most trusted distributors of ASTM-D-178 insulating mats since many years.
Our firm was actually started in the Bangalore and has been in practise since 1964. We have the high
professional teams for every work to be carried out smoothly and effectively. all the products are
certified by Indian standards and international standards.
For any kind of custom fabrication of any ASTM-D-178 mats, we also provide those services and
deliver the best custom fabricated products as per your required specifications and design. Directly
talk to us through various contact information for any kind of queries, appointments and orders.

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