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The Bio polishing enzyme chemicals effectively removes the fibre fuzz and other kinds of pills from
the textile surface and help in building a cleaner surface with the softer hand and increases the
lustre. The most common enzymes that are used for handling the hydrolysis after micro fibril start
producing from the cotton surface is the cellulases.

The kashetter group of firms are considered to be one of the most trusted and leading bio polishing
enzymes chemical suppliers in India since many years where we have been supplying all of its types
that may be the celluloses, cotton fabric, pre treatment, enzymatic treatment, endoglucanase, micro
fibril, cellulosic Fibre and many more.

Using the bio polishing enzymes helps in its process and the main advantage of this process is the
prevention of Pilling. Usually the finishing process that these apply to the textiles produces the
permanent effects with the help of using the enzymes. the bio polishing can be observed in a lot of
textile applications which are popular in the entire world, as that effective in getting the surface of
the fabric with the clean shiny and soft texture.

We’re just so glad that we were able to fulfil all the demands of the market and we have always
been considering the Valuable suggestions of our clients, with whom we have always maintained the
fair business. we kept on inculcating the new technologies and smart solutions for various industrial
application and fabricated than you kind of industrial equipments under the guidance of the quality

if you want to know more about all the industrial equipments and water treatment chemicals that
we are offering to all the clients and to different locations you can just have a look at our website
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The transportation will be provided to the clients as per the situation and the location. hence you
can feel free to ask us any kind of queries you have regarding the chemicals.

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