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As the name specifies, they are the corrosion inhibitors Where hydrazine and sodium sulfite are the
most commonly used chemicals used in inhibiting the corrosions.
The boiler feed water corrosion can produce the foul smell. There should always be a regular check
ups and maintenance regarding the ph, Hardness, iron, copper, iron ,oxygen content.
Kashetter Group Of Firms offers the best solutions to these problems. Our team members have
excelled in this field and makes sure to solve it in the most effective way.
Our corrosion inhibitors for water feed boiler can ,
Reduce and prevents the problems, resulting in saving the cost of repair oftenly.
Maintain the alkalinity level, ph level in the water.
Remove and reduce the bicarbonate alkalinity.
Help customers to have lower operating costs.
Be used for longer time and are durable.
Kashetter group of firms also offers the wide range of water chemical treatment products and also
its related products such as the testing kits, hardness reducers, boiler neutralizer, oxygen
scavengers, alkalinity reducers, ph boosters etc.
We Have supplied different types of water boiler treatment chemicals, dealkalizers of various types
To many places over all India either it may be for small scale sectors or a large scale sectors, for
commercial purpose or for residential purpose.
The boiler feed water corrosion inhibitors that we have supplied till now has no negative review
from the buyers. Infact we are happy that we were able to fulfil the needs and requirements of the
Kashetter group of firms have an expertise in solving the various problems of water treating and
offers the most effective solution to the buyers.
You are in the right place if you are planning to buy any of the above mentioned product. Do contact
us for further information through the given contact information and get the best offers.

A Quality product from Cherry-The Super Engineer.

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