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Bucket elevator belts are used for high-lift conveying of materials in large quantity and maximum bucket elevators are self-supporting for vertical loads. It is used to pick up various materials from the ground and lift them vertically to the required height. These bucket elevator rubber belts can also be used for the horizontal transporting of materials.

Bucket elevators transport various supplies and are used in many industries like Aggregates, woodchips, Animal Feeds, Minerals, Fertilizers, salt mines, Lime and timber industry, asphalt mixing plants, silo feeding, cement concrete plants, etc respectively

Bucket elevators can also be called as bucket conveyors and they are categorized into 3 types
Centrifugal bucket elevators
Continuous bucket elevators
Positive discharge bucket elevators
Here are some of the advantages or the benefits of using bucket elevator belts or rubber elevator belt
They are abrasion resistance
They are available in different shapes and sizes
They are cost-effective
They are best suitable to transport supplies in different directions effectively
Our designs are made such that the materials are protected from external dust
They are easy to use

Depositions of fine particles in the conveyors can lead to the damage of buckets hence the maintenance should be done regularly. Examine should be done on the looseness of buckets. Pulleys are examined for alignment and positioning, protection has to be provided against elements like snow, sleet. Providing adequate clean-up of dribble and spillage.

Characteristics of rubber elevator belt are as follows
We have different strength bearing conveyor belts
We provide belts with different width size
High bolt tear resistance
We use high-quality cover compounds
Best clamping characteristics

Types of belt splices
The lap joints
Butt splice
Flexco splice

Before installing you should know the best type of belt used for the service and if you are looking for the same it is also very much necessary to decide where you buy. In that case we the bucket elevator belt manufacturers supply our best products to all the bucket elevator belt suppliers in India. We provide complete information and about the types in choosing and design accordingly.

Kashetter Group Of Firms believes in the professionalism and grow together with fair business. We supply our products covering almost all sectors like Stone Crushers, Mines, Agro industries, cement  & Sugar Industries.

Although there are many bucket elevator belt manufacturers in India, till now we have supplied many of our quality Cherry- The Super Engineer products successfully, efficiently, and satisfied the bucket elevator belt suppliers or the buyers. If you have any kind of queries about our products contact us.

A Quality Product from CHERRY – The Super Engineer.

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