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Cherry Chevron Conveyor Belt are meant for conveying materials effectively & efficiently at inclines greater than 18⁰ angle. The regular surface pattern conveyor belts are prone to slippage thus Chevron Conveyor Belts are important in the material handling industry. It provides a suitable solution to convey numerous materials between 18⁰ to 45⁰ inclinations.

Our belts are best suited for various industries:

  • Paper and Packaging Industry
  • Printing and Folding industry
  • Poultry Processing
  • Weigh-feed equipment
  • Food Processing Industries

We have been offering a wide range of Chevron Conveyor Belts for various purposes. Our Conveyor Belts features:

  • Ease of use
  • Low running maintenance cost
  • Bulk Material Conveying Capacity even at 45 degrees angle
  • Anti-Skid for Loose Conveyed materials
  • Facilitate switching from horizontal to inclined conveyors and from inclined to horizontal conveyors.
  • Saves a lot space since it allows material conveying at 0 Degree – 90 Degrees.

We have been supplying Chevron Conveyor Belts all over globe from many years. We are one of the Largest Conveyor Belts manufacturer in India.

We have all types of Chevron Conveyor Belt available.

Successfully hold loose material in place, especially at steeper elevations

As we know, while moving goods at a horizontal surface, a flat conveyor system functions perfectly. However, Whenever the slope becomes too high, unfortunately, materials could begin to fall.

This is where a chevron conveyor belt makes a big difference. However, they feature a cleated texture that holds loose material in place at extreme slopes and is sometimes termed escorting belts.

We at Cherry – The Super Engineer offers a superior quality chevron conveyor belt. We serve a wide range of chevron belt conveyors in India to fulfil our client’s business needs.

We believe in satisfying all essentials stands and features, which includes:

  • Better conveyor belt chevron efficiency to hold all loose materials in place even at a steep inclination.
  • High effective Materials and its industrial-grade properties. The cleat shapes are constructed of the identical material as the coverings and hence have the equivalent abrasion resistance and durability as the belting.
  • Our Chevron Conveyor belt come in a wide range and variety to accompany special needs and different applications.
  • Our expert team designed all our products to serve the best results for all our customers.

CHERRY’S chevron conveyor belt specifications and Features

We at KASHETTER GROUP OF FIRMS serve our clients with excellent industrial-grade Chevron Conveyor Belt options.  Some of our features that you must consider before investing in a conveyor system for your manufacturing unit.


Chevron conveyor belt inclined angle, and its Material Properties

One thing that makes our chevron conveyor belt the best in the industry is its cleat textures. The rubber we use is higher in terms of quality and performance, making us one of the best chevron conveyor belt manufacturers in India.

All our conveyor belts are high resistive and durable compared with any other ordinary brand out in the market. Our Chevron Conveyor belts are best in serving higher load-bearing capabilities with minimal wear and tear issues.

We especially serve the best quality chevron Belts to hold loose materials in place. You need to differentiate a plain vs. chevron conveyor belt as they are designed to serve different purposes. So we recommend you invest in Cherry’s high-grade chevron conveyor belts to avoid malfunctioning and damaging your equipment.


Special Features to Accomplish your manufacturing goals

Our special features allow our customers to experience the real difference between plane vs. chevron conveyor belts. Our belts include aggregate and construction segments that enhance flexibility and performance.

We specifically customise chevron conveyor belt to meet all your needs for different applications. Our belting options include both V and U-shaped conveyor belts to maximise your productivity. You will get an opportunity to select the perfect chevron nylon belts to satisfy your business manufacturing processing.

What Makes CHERRY – The Super Engineer the Best in Supplying Chevron Conveyor Belt

We at KASHETTER GROUP OF FIRMS understand your conveyor belting needs. So we work to serve superior quality and a wide range of betting options for all types of industries. The value our products offer is best in class when compared with their cost to performance ratio.

At our manufacturing units, you will find all the latest chevron conveyor belt. Apart from that, we also serve you with customisable options to maximise your productivity and experience.

We categorise our chevron conveyor belt bastes on multiple factors, including:

  • Inclination
  • Material Type
  • Width of Belt
  • Distance
  • Length of Belt
  • Thickness of Belt
  • Joint Type of Belt
  • Numbers of Plys
  • Bottom Covers
  • Top Covers
  • Conveyor Drum Diameter

Factors that make Cherry’s Chevron Conveyor belt the best in the industry

Did you ever think about how our Conveyor belt outperform others in the markets? What makes our conveyor belt system more efficient and users friends than others?

  • Better Grips with high-quality rubber

With the exception of cleat-equipped belts, there are fundamentally two varieties of the contoured rubber conveyor system. Much more prevalent are models with chevron-patterned designs that range in height from 15mm to 32mm just above the belting surface. The chevrons regulate and manage the movement of loose materials like sand or tiny pebbles.

Steep chevron belting is among the most prevalent difficulties encountered by most operators since the chevron profiles can become partially removed or completely pulled off.

Another typical issue with high and low profile belts is that sometimes the profiles physically weaken in an unacceptable short amount of service.  The causes of such issues may be identified in both the production methods and the rubber products utilised.

  • Modern-day synthetic conveyor belting

Due to its high flexibility, synthetic rubber is utilised to create the majority of current conveyor belting. A large proportion of chevron profile belts are successfully utilising a two-stage vulcanisation method to the technological challenges and increased expense involved in developing a synthetic rubber composite that would flow smoothly.

All out belts are precisely vulcanised to serve the best results with greater finishing. You never use uncured rubber in our belts which enhances life and durability.

  • By reducing rapid wearing issues

It is true that rubber is highly malleable and generates cavities in the long run under dynamic strains. Our research team and we make superior chevrons with calculative techniques. We work to increase stability against abrasive wear and tear.

  • Innovation manufacturing techniques for better durability

We use a single polymer compound designed specifically for both the base belt construction and the chevrons. Our belts are manufactured as a homogeneous, completely homogeneous construction.

It can only be accomplished by employing a one-step manufacturing method instead of the more traditional two-step technique. Producing the belt in a single go strengthens it tremendously.

  • Homogeneous chemical structure

The base belt is put in the vulcanising pressing between the press’s base plate and a chevron mould plate directly underneath it to produce a continuous homogeneous structure. 

The base belting should already contain a particular amount of unbleached rubber, mostly on the top cover surface, in addition to the volumes of latex required to create the requisite thickness of the bottom belt’s protective surface after vulcanised.

We at CHERRY – The Super Engineer Incorporates the latest innovation methodologies to enhance the life and performance of your belting conveyor system. Feel free to contact us with our team. We will guide you with the best Chevron conveyor belt for your industry.

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