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We have different types of beltings and conveyor rollers. we also custom design the same.

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Coal mine conveyor belt are nothing but the mining conveyor belts. Every mining industry will be counting on the coal mine conveyor belts for moving the materials from one place to another place. Some of the main characteristics and advantages of the conveyor belt for coal mine are as follows.
They are used in the underground coal mine activities.
Coal mine conveyor belts are resistant to flame. Availability of types of conveyor belts for coal mine with different construction material.
The Splice strength of the conveyor is designed according to the requirements in industries.
They are most durable and offer long lasting life.
They are resistant to heat as well. The maintenance of the conveyor belt for coal mine has to be done neatly. As most of the work will be dependent upon the moving materials, in case of mining industries it is very much necessary to have nice maintenance of the conveyor belts. Kashettar group of firms have the best quality coal mine conveyor belts that are exported to the foreign countries covering all the cities having much industrial sectors.
Kashetter Group of firms offers a wide range of varieties of conveyor beltings, conveyor rollers along with the conveyor belt for coal mine. we also manufacture and supply Smsr gearbox, diamond lagging sheets, white elevator belts, oil resistant conveyor belt, heat resistant conveyor belts, heavy duty rollers etc. Kashetter Group Of Firms are the most reliable manufacturers of coal mine conveyor belt. We provide services and supply the products strictly after getting approval from Indian and international standards. We also custom design any kind of product As per the clients specification.
We have a very simple mode of transportation by all three means, and secure payment. Contact us for orders and specify your required specifications and properties and clear your doubts.

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