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Conveyor belt splicing machine are with a greater demand in many of the industries all over the
world. Usually the splices will be the weakest point in the belt. The splicing will helps in regaining
the strength of the belt and increases its life span. These splicing process for the two trimmed ends
of the conveyor belts will ensure the performance of the belt and increases its longevity.
The splicing machine for conveyor belt consists of the following features and few advantages:
They helps in repairing and handling the conveyor belts.
They increase its stability, breaking Of belt, hence increases its life span.
These joint machines increases the chemical bonding.
Usually these slicing machine will have no maintenance or needs minimum maintenance.
It reduces the carry back and prevents the fugitive material.
splicing machine creates a stronger bond and flexibility for the belt.
The cherry products from the kashetter group of firms have the best features available with the
most affordable price. And also they are available in different types of specifications and we also
accept the specially customized products from the clients.
We have the best team members who can design newly advanced products using their creativity,
knowledge and experience that they have gained over decades of years. Our products have reached
almost all the states in India.
We provide a lot of services to the clients and will never compromise with the quality of the
products. we always make sure that we meet the needs and demands of the market and the clients.
Also all the products that are designed here, including splicing machine will be under the inspection
of the quality experts.
The clients can feel free to contact us either through an email or by call to discuss regarding the
specially customised products and also regarding the queries if you have.

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