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Basically the conveyor bottom roller are the lower part of the belt. These conveyor belt bottom
roller can be either manufactured with lining or without lining. The choice of keeping the lining
materials actually depends upon the material that has to be transported on.
There are certain criteria on which it’s decided which type of lining to be used for conveyor bottom
roller. They are mentioned below
During the installation its necessary to know what kind of material is being transported. When the
belt carry materials which are sticky, it results in attaching unwanted materials etc.
Conveyor rollers with rubber support rings should be provided in order to prevent wiping and
spillage of materials.
We provide fully PU or rubber lined bottom rollers when the residual material has to be removed
from the belt.
The applications of conveyor bottom rollers are seen in many kinds of industries as it has become
the most basic and important element in every kind of industries, or manufacturing company , for
transporting various materials or may be in construction.
Kashetter Group of Firms has been in the manufacturing process for decades of years and the team
of manufacturers of conveyor bottom roller are skilled and professional . They design the products
that meets the standard specifications of India and also international.
We not only manufacture conveyor belt bottom roller , but we also manufacture various products
like all wide range of varieties of conveyor belts as per client’s required specifications, wire mesh,
rubber lagging sheets etc. We supply our cherry-products in different places of India such as
Karnataka , Pune, tamilnadu, Hyderabad and we also have successfully exported to almost all
We are not only manufacturers and suppliers but we also do export, import, retail, provide service,
etc. So kindly contact us in case of any queries and do visit our website to check more of our quality

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