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Conveyor roller bracket set are very much useful in all kinds of industrial sectors specially in guiding
the conveyor rollers and belts.
We have different type of conveyor roller bracket set where the customers can choose as they
require, and also give us order for custom designing the same as per their choice.
Conveyor roller set acts like a supporting agent to the conveyors where they are available in
different width, height and the construction material used. They can be used either using the single
conveyor rollers bracket or it can also be used in a set.
There are mainly used while fixing the conveyor belts. They are wear and tear resistant materials.
They are the most durable and lasts for longer time.
Kashetter group of firms have supplied the roller bracket set to the cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Chennai, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Nagpur, Delhi, Mumbai covering almost all kinds of industrial sectors
all over India and have also successfully exported to the foreign countries also.
The industries that are using presently our products are food processing and handling industries,
manufacturing industries, packaging industries, pharmaceutical industries, mining industries etc. We
are largest suppliers of conveyor roller bracket set.
Kashetter group of firms has the most superior experienced team of manufacturers and hence we
are considered to be the most reliable conveyor rollers bracket set manufacturers in India.
Other than conveyor rollers set we also manufacture and supply many other types of industrial
equipment. they are industrial conveyor rollers, Idlers in conveyers, oil resistant conveyor belts,
fabric conveyor belts, high temperature resistant conveyor belts, wire mesh, gearbox, rubber lagging
sheets and its types.
Kashetter group of firms offers the best service to all the customers and always look forward to
understand the difficulties faced by the clients while purchasing the various kind of industrial
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