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There are different types of conveyor belts available for multiple applications in various industrial
sectors. This damper plant conveyor belt are nothing but a systems that helps in keeping the conveyor
belt and rollers safe in the areas of the material transfer.

This damper plant includes all the criteria of the conveyor belts in its parametres of height, density, its
volume, its material size along with few other specifications. in order to have a good working conveyor
belt, two motorized pulleys are required to loop over a long stretch of thick and durable material.

The kashetter group of firms are one of the best manufacturers of damper plant conveyor belt in India
where we are supplying these conveyor belts over more than four decades.
The rollers assist the belt in having a smooth transportation of the materials from one place to another
place, as required. it’s been more than 50 five years since the kashetter group of firms was established
in Bangalore and that is how we have gained a lot of experience in this field of business.

We have different group of teams allotted in different places for providing service to the clients. we
have always followed the professional methods and ethics either in doing business or even in designing
the damper plant belt. We are offering all the types of conveyor belts but all of its different
specifications, also they are made available with the most affordable prices and shipped to all the
places in India.

Few of the types of conveyor belts, other than damper plant belt are, cold resistant conveyor belt,
endless conveyor belt, mining heavy duty conveyor belt, fabric belts, food grade conveyor belt, white
hygienic belt and a lot more are included in this list.
We ship with the best packaging facilities and in different modes worldwide.

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