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demineralizing agent chemicals are extensively used in a wide range of industrial sectors where
there applicable for being used as an agent to the periodontal treatment which aims at restoring the
bio compatibility of roots.

The kashetter group of firms are said to be one of the most popular and reliable Demineralizing
agent chemicals distributors in India, where we have been supplying each and every types of
chemicals that are effectively used in every process. each and every kind of application needs a
particular type of chemicals for the effective results and to safeguard the equipments from spoiling.

We are offering the different kinds of demineralizing agent chemicals to the industries in India consisting of
almost each and every type of sectors and successfully exported them to many of the foreign
countries also. They’re having the certification from the ISO standards as that made using the
professional methods and has been excelled in its quality and safety.

The demineralization process is used in a wide range of applications where the process consists of
removing the mineral ions from the HA crystals of the hard Tissue. you can also look for the other
related chemicals responsible for the same application and in case if you’re not able to find it on our
official website you can still talk to us about it and we will provide you with the most effective and
safe chemicals, that will suit your application requirement.

Some of the other water treatment chemicals that we are supplying right now are, antiscalant
chemical, membrane Antiscalants, hardness reducer, ph booster, RO biocide, neutralizer boilers,
Poly electrolyte liquid, descaling liquid, corrosion inhibitors, sludge conditioner, Alkalinity reducer,
oxygen scavenger, etc.

As we ship all over the world safely and fast, according to your convenience you can ask us and
request for any special requirement if you need.

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