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Desizing is the process where the exams helps in removing the starch based size without negatively
impacting the dyeing. the Desizing enzymes chemicals are available in different chemical
compositions that works well for sizing the fabrics as they have the ability to remove the coating
without damaging the yarn.

The kashetter group of firms are considered to be one of the most popular desizing enzymes
chemical manufacturers in India, where we have been fabricating them since the establishment of
the cherry groups that is in the year 1964 in the place called Bangalore.

We have not only restricted our services within Bangalore, but we have also exported them in a
huge quantities to many of the foreign countries nearby. There are different methods of the sizing
and some of them to mention are the enzymatic desizing, acid steeping, rot steeping, hot washing
with detergent, the sizing with the hot caustic soda treatment, oxidative desizing and few more.

For all these process the Desizing enzymes place are important role and they consist of the
following advantages and applications
They offers no damage to the fibre.
They also exhibit to know usage of the aggressive chemicals and maintains high quality.
They are highly biodegradable with having wide variety of application.
The desizing usually consists of three main steps that includes the application of the enzyme the
digestion of the start and the removal of digestion product.
The application of the enzymatic the sizing is extensively seen in the textile processing off the sizing,
bio bleaching, bio scouring, bleach clean up etc.

The cherry groups also has the other water treatment chemicals replacing these desizing enzymes
which consists of different compositions and benefits and hence you can visit the company and
know the complete information and then decide the type of chemical unit for your particular
application requirement.

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