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Double beam EOT crane are nothing but the double girder with having two main girders across the
span. At the lower flange of the main girder, electric hoist is present And they consist of the crab
mechanism which allows them to travel over the rails.
The following are the advantages and the applications of the double girder cranes:
Additional protection of anti collision is provided for these girders.
They are easy to use and are effective in handling.
They almost have full coverage of the floors.
They have a very consistent quality And has full walk away either on one girder or both the girders.
The paint finish of these double girder EOT crane is usually of the golden yellow.
They are designed to resist the weight and have the self lubricating properties.
The power supplied here to the trolleys are with the protective ground conductors.
As this cranes uses the electric power rather than the diesel, they are cost effective or economical
to many of the industrial companies.
Due to all the best qualities and best practises followed by our manufacturers while designing
various kinds of industrial products, mainly considering the quality suggestions by the experts, we
are considered to be the best manufacturer of double beam EOT crane in India.
In case, if You are finding it difficult to choose what type of featured girders are required for your
particular application, we provide with the complete guidance in choosing the best solution for your
Not only do we offer the EOT crane, we offer a lot more industrial products, machines, chemicals,
water treating solutions, conveyor belts and rollers, spare parts, rubber product and the Lot more
are included in this list.
You can feel free to reach us on emails and calls At your comfortable time to know more about the
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