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The drain cleaner chemicals are highly in demand in many of the industries and they are typically
composed of caustic potash, lye, and bleach. The main purpose of using this chemical is that it has
the ability to unblock the sever pipes or any of the clogged waste water drains.

The cherry groups are considered to be one of the best drain cleaner chemicals distributors in India
where that actually referred as in mechanical device like the drain auger, plumbers snake all any
other similar device. Usually there are three types of liquid drain cleaners available in the market
which are in its enzymatic, caustic and the acidic form In which each are suitable for tough clocks in
the different drain locations.

The drain cleaners consist of many benefits and advantages and the same are given over below:
They provide the faster and high efficient drainage solutions.
They have the ability to prevent damage occurring to the residential and also prevent the foul
They provide the improved rain life and prevent the leakages.
They also have the ability to prevent the clogs from forming.
These drain cleaners specially the acidic drain cleaners consists of the sulphuric acid at the high
concentration which is responsible for turning a piece of pH paper red and chars it instantly. Their
applications are observed in both small scale and large scale sectors and also they are available in
different specifications and brand.

There are lot more related water treatment chemicals that we are supplying for the multiple
applications worldwide, hence if you have any special requirement for making the new chemicals in
order to suit your particular application we can also provide you with the same.
To make an order either you can visit the company or you can also order it online by texting a
message on WhatsApp or either by mailing us.

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