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As the name indicates, the drinking water treatment chemicals are the most needed one
everywhere in all kinds of sectors in both commercial as well As for the residential purpose. there is
a lot of requirement for the water for all the purposes and also there necessary. and hence it is
highly required to convert all the waste water into the reusable water that is fit for using.

This way we can save a lot of water and prevent ourselves from getting diseased or getting the lack
of quality raw materials for our daily needs. Take a shuttle group of firms are set to be one of the
most important and popular drinking water treatment chemicals dealers in India since many years.

We are offering all the different types of chemicals like sodium chloride, potassium chloride, citric
acid, chlorine dioxide and many other for successfully removing the organic contaminants on the ion
exchange resins. there are different types of treatment process available for the purification of
water and the most common water treatment chemicals that we are supplying in this process are
the biocide, algaecides, antifoaming agents, coagulants, disinfectant, boiler water chemical etc.

These chemicals are using the process of chlorination, Dechlorination, and the process of corrosion
inhibition and many other. their application are seen in a wide range of location and hence we are
also one of the best exporters of the drinking water treatment chemicals. We are not only the
exporter’s or the dealers, we are also the wholesalers, retailers, suppliers and service providers of
the drinking water treatment chemicals.

We are offering the most affordable price chemicals for the drinking water treatment and along with
them we are also the best manufacturers of the industrial equipments like the conveyor belts and
rollers, whose list you can get it on our official website and in case if you’re interested in buying
them, just drop us a message on WhatsApp.

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