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We have different types of beltings and conveyor rollers. we also custom design the same.

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Drum roller conveyor are the rollers that are used for transporting the materials. They are available in different technical specifications as per requirements and needs of the industrial sectors. The properties of the drum conveyor rollers are mentioned below.
The operation of the drum conveyor rollers are easy. The durability of the conveyor drum roller is long lasting.
The maintenance is easy.
They are resistant to abrasion. Kashetter Group of firms are the largest manufacturers of drum conveyor roller in India.
Manufacturing the drum roller conveyor is done by the team of skilled professionals. They manufacture all kinds of conveyor belts and conveyor rollers with standard specification set by the Indian and international standards.
They are commonly used in the heavy duty industries and factories such as mining industries, where they are used to handle heavy drums and to transfer the same from one place to another place. Kashetter Group of firms offers a wide variety of drum roller conveyors In case of the condition of the spindles. they are Round hexagonal, drilled and tapped, Drilled spindle end, threaded, milled flats, circlipped, etc.
We also offer all other types of conveyor rollers that might be a flat roller, cylindrical roller, conveyor spares, different types of conveyor belts, lagging sheets, gear box etc. We have not only supplied conveyor drum roller in Bangalore but also have covered all the states in India and even exported successfully to the foreign countries covering almost all the continents in the world. Hence we have emerged as one of the best suppliers of drum conveyor rollers in India. We believe in following professional ethics in the business we do. We have a very simple and safe mode of transportation. So you are in perfect place in buying the rollers and belts. Contact us for more details and giving orders.

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