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The effluent water treatment chemicals have the four main basic chemicals involvement, that is, the
pH neutralizers, coagulants, flocculants, foaming agents. Also they are highly alluminium and Iron
based chemical used for removing the pathogens, contaminants and other organic compounds.

The kashetter group of firms are offering all the different types of effluent water treatment
chemicals such as the hydrated line, electrolytes, ammonium nitrate and many more liquid and
powder chemicals and hence we are also considered to be one of the best effluent water treatment
chemical suppliers in India since many years.

There are a lot of applications where these effluent water treatment chemicals have been used such
as in the process of chlorination and dechlorination and they are also used as an disinfectant. We’re
having the ISO certification for all these different types of effluent water treatment chemicals and
only after getting the approval from the higher standards we are distributing them to different
locations of the world.

Here are some of the major benefits and features of using the effluent water treatment chemical,
they are
Helpful in saving a lot of money and as very beneficial to the environment.
they helps in saving a lot of waste water and create a way for minimizing the waste.
They offers the clean and safe water processed and make it available for re using.
they are used depending upon the process that is producing the wastewater.

There are lot more thousands of water treatment chemicals used in the purification of the waste
water and hence each and every chemical has its own benefits and applications. not only using the
chemicals are useful but it is also very much necessary for the clients to know how exactly and
involved proportion they need to be used.

We are not only the service providers within India we have also exported many of the water
treatment chemicals to the nearby foreign countries like China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan,
Maldives, Bhutan and many more.

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