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Extruder gearbox are used For plastic extruder machine drive. They consist of a vertical mounting
extruder drive. They are tend to be the most popular industrial product in every industrial sector.
Some of the main features and advantages of using our cherry extruder gearbox are mentioned
They offer the high efficiency with low noise.
They provide long lasting service with high strength to the buyers.
They also consist of forced lubrication systems.
Their application can most commonly be seen in extruder drive, twin screw, vertical extruder drive,
paper machine drive, hoisting gear drives, bucket elevator drives, covering all kinds of sectors
irrespective of small scale and large scale industries.
kashetter group of firms is one of the noted firm in present day, where we have more than 50 years
of experience in this profession and our firm actually was established in Bangalore in 1964.
We are not only the manufacturers of extruder gearbox in Bangalore but we also do manufacture
wide varieties of industrial products with different specifications and supply worldwide covering
every state of India and even places in abroad.
Every industrial product that are manufactured here are well checked by the professionals and are
also approved and certified by Indian standards as well as the international standards.
We have been the most reliable extruder gearbox suppliers in India, as the main focus of Kashetter
group of firms is to meet the demands of the market and to give out the best products that gives its
high performance with accuracy on using.
We also offer many other types of industrial products and you can contact us for the same. Even if
you wish to have a custom specified product, well you are in the right place. we offer that also. We
also provide the safe and easy mode of transportation.

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