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Film forming corrosion inhibitor chemical are the most commonly used in the applications of
treating the oil wells and pipelines which are composed of the nitrogen containing organic
compounds. there are different types of film forming corrosion that is the passivating film,
precipitation film and the adoption film.

Other than these, we are also offering all the different types of film forming corrosion inhibitor chemical that are required
for different applicational needs. Using of these Inhibitors extends the life span of the equipment
and reduces the overall repair costs due to the less corrosive damage. they still have many more
advantages and applications and the same are mentioned over here.

They are designed in order to retard the acid corrosion after down hole equipment and also the
coiled tubing strings.
They are highly effective in protecting the bare metal from corrosion.
They are economical and reliable in controlling the internal corrosion of the gas as well as the oil
There are different types of corrosion inhibitors which are supplied to the customers based upon
the applicational requirements as each and every type of inhibitors has its own advantages and
chemical composition.

The kashetter group of firms are also considered to be one of the best wholesalers of film forming
corrosion inhibitor chemical in India where we have been supplying them in huge quantities to
many of the foreign countries. We had the certification of the ISO standards on each and every type
of corrosion inhibitors that we are supplying to the customers and we have never ever compromised
with the quality and safety of the chemicals.

Till now we have supplied to many of the important metropolitan cities in India like Bangalore,
Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Nagpur, Jaipur, pune, Coimbatore, Gujarat,
Hubli, Bagalkot, Noida, Sriperumbudur etc, And has been able to successfully complete each and
every state of India.

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