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Fireside additive chemicals are nothing with the dispersant, combustion catalyst, proponents,
oxidising agents and the other oxidisers combinations in the balance to quantities that helps in
enabling the proper combustion and reduction in the clinker formations. they also helps in
increasing the heat transfer as well as in the reduction of the corrosion occurring in the different

The kashetter Group of firms are considered to be one of the best and most trusted fireside additive
chemical suppliers in India. There used for maintaining the combustion efficiency and reduce the
sledge formations which will in turn improve the atomization.

Some of the types of fireside additives chemicals that we are offering to all the clients are the
furnace temperature, slag and clinker deposit’s, unburned carbon in ash, carbon dioxide, Particular
matter from stack and few more. They are chosen by the clients according to the industrial
applications required.

Each and every kind of fireside additive has its own importance and benefits depending upon its
composition and this also consist the approval from the Indian standards as well as the international
standards which ensures its safety and quality. they helps in improving the combustion of the fuel
and reduce the unburnt carbon in the ash. they also have many of the other benefits and advantages
depending upon its specifications.

its applications are seen worldwide in the case of slag modifier, slag conditioner, as being the
combustion improver for the coal fired equipment, for corrosion inhibitor off the heavy oil
applications and in many more. Along with these chemicals the other highly recommended water
treatment chemicals that we are supplying are, ph booster, RO biocide, neutralizer boilers, sludge
conditioner, Alkalinity reducer chemical etc.

You can also checkout the other available water treatment chemicals and if you’re not able to find
one, you can get back to us for getting cleared with all your questions.

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