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Flocked glass run channels and door rubber profiles are manufactured with the guidance offered by
our highly qualified experts. they are used in replacing and repairing of Damaged channels of a
vehicle. They are fabricated with the high quality and high grade materials and are made sure that it
is designed flawless.
some of the main features of using archery flocked glass run channels and door rubber profiles are
as follows:
They are designed with perfect finishing.
They are fabricated to provide long lasting service.
They ensure silky smooth glides over window glass.
They provide strong adhesion of flock to the rubber.
They can be used up to the temperature of 120 degree.
They are very economical and strong.
Kashetter group of firms are one of the best and most reliable flocked glass run channels and door
rubber profile suppliers in India since many years. We have been practising the professional
practises since beginning two till now and still continue, No matter where we stand now.
We are very much fortunate enough to have the best team members who are talented and having
the decades of experience. we make sure that the materials that we are fabricating are of the
premium quality and gives it’s 100% effectiveness.
Often this glass run flock channel are chosen based on its quality and properties that help the users
to meet their demands and work effectively for a longer period of time. till now we have got no
complaints regarding rubber flock glass run channels from our buyers.
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