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FU type worm gearbox are the speed reducer and one of the types in gearbox. They are designed to
provide the best solution in the market for various industrial problems.
Cherry FU worm gearbox are capable and have the following properties:
They comes with High torque output multiplier.
Provides long lasting life and are effective.
Enables the limited speed operation.
Power transmission systems makes use of this oftenly.
They feature right angle output orientation.
When it comes to the gearbox there are a lot of options in choosing the gearbox depending upon the
specifications and on the application it is used for.
The application of a FU type worm gearbox are most commonly seen in cold rolling, tube mills, steel
industry etc.
We have been the most reliable manufacturers of FU type worm gear box in Bangalore as well as in
India since many years. We have the best masterminds who can design any kind of industrial
product based on the customers needed specifications.
The main aim of Kashetter group of firms is to deliver the best quality industrial products that are
highly demanding And are provided with maximum accuracy and efficiency. all the products are
certified by both the Indian standards and the international standards.
We have supplied FU type worm gearbox to n number of places covering every state of India. the
buyers who bought the industrial products from us have satisfaction and feel worth in investing us.
Since last few years we have complete zero negative reviews on our cherry products and we are very
much grateful to the entire team of Kashetter group of firms who worked with dedication following
the steps of professional ethics, made a way to top the best as the FU type worm gearbox suppliers
in India.
We ship worldwide with simple mode of transportation. The buyers can always contact us in their
convenient time and feel free to ask us any kind of enquiries they have.

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