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There are many types of gear coupling available here. gear coupling are the mechanical device that
helps in transferring the torque from one shaft to another shaft which are connected to each other
specially when they are collinear.
Kashetter Group Of Firms was actually established and is in practice since 1964. Starting from that
year, we have been fabricating and supplying various kinds of industrial products and have gained
enormous knowledge and experience regarding designing various types of products.
Our fabricators have been excelled in their particular field of profession of designing any kind of
product with any defined specifications. the gear coupling price that we offer here is the most
reasonable and has the most desiring characteristics. few of the features to mention are as follows:
They have an excellent torque density.
They can accommodate the misalignment.
They can even absorb shocks and vibrations that occur suddenly.
They have torsional stiffness.
They consists of best bore capacity in comparison with other coupling.
The gear coupling uses in present day life is huge in various types of industrial sectors irrespective of
small scale and the large scale industries worldwide. Not only the gear coupling, many other types
of couplings are available here, which also includes all kinds of conveyor belts, conveyor rollers,
machinery parts, rubber sheets, water treatment chemicals, rubber products, gear boxes etc.
Kashetter Group Of Firms Are known for supplying the best quality gearbox coupling which are
certified by the recognised standards of India and also the international standards. They are
compulsorily tested well before they are distributed into the market.
We provide with different modes of transportation like roadway’s, by railways or either by Airways
according to the customers situated location and their convenience. if you have any kind of doubts
regarding the product’s, or regarding the custom designing, just contact us and ask for the same.

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