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Hardness reducer helps in Removing hard minerals like the bicarbonates and sulphates in the water.
They prevent the fouling of water.
The most important properties of the hardness reducer for water are as follows:
They mainly helps in Controlling the scale precipitation.
They are cost effective.
They are very easy to use.
They can be used in any type of Liquids.
They help in controlling and removing the bicarbonate and sulphates of barium, magnesium, calcium
and this prevents the water from fouling.
We have all the types of water treatment chemicals that are of high quality and meets the standards
that are set by the Indian as well as the international committee. The hardness reducers that we
offer can be used in the water of any pH value.
They are used in many applications in wide range of industrial sectors like chemical industry, food
processing industries, in some residential areas , pharmaceutical industries etc.
Kashetter group of firms has the best quality water boiler hardness reducer and have successfully
supplied then in the cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Mumbai covering
all the states of India and have also exported.
Kashetter Group Of Firms have the most experienced designers and manufacturers For these
equipment. we are fortunate enough to have the team who can understand the needs and
requirements and work accordingly with ease and perfection.
Hardness reducer have become the most popular and demanding equipment all over the world.
Hardness in the water can result in hair fall, damage of tubes, decreasing its efficiency and increasing
its maintenance charge.
To know more about the product, its related equipment and the offers, kindly contact us by sending
a mail or by calling us through the contact information available on our website. We also custom
design in case if there is any requirements.

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