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Cherry Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts have found wide acceptance in various industries because of being heat resistant. These are required for transporting materials above temperature of 60°C. Our Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts are also resistant to oils and minerals. Our range of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts are made from optimum raw materials to assure high durability. They are used for handling material like Coke, Sinter, Phosphate and Clinker etc.

Benefits of Our Conveyor Belts:

  • High tensile strength
  • Robust construction wear & tear resistant
  • Excellent heat & abrasion resistant
  • Cover rubber compound perfect to protect conveyor belt from cracking and hardening by heat
  • Rubber cover and carcass capable to withstand high temperature
  • Anti corrosive

We need different types of conveyor belts for our conveyor system and meet the business demand and best industry practices. Whether you are looking for the best quality Heat resistant conveyor belt for your industry, then you may contact quickly with our one of the biggest conveyor belt manufacturer company, Cherry- The super engineer.  We provide a wide range of high-quality and supreme conveyor belts used for the belt conveyor system for all industries. Since 1964, Our company, Cherry The Super Engineer, KASHETTER GROUP OF FIRMS, manufactures industrial conveyor belts and conveyor rollers in India and exported them to more than 100 countries that enabled them the most significant player in the conveyor belting industry. CHERRY Conveyor Belts have been in high demand, and we have supplied around 1000000 meters of Conveyor Beltings to our esteemed customers worldwide. We have excelled in conducting business with high professionalism and honesty, and we value expanding together via fair business practices. We deliver various conveyor belts such as Rubber conveyor belts, HR conveyor belts to flame retardant, cold-resistant, chemical resistant conveyor belts, etc. Aside from our manufacturing base, CHERRY maintains India’s biggest inventory of Available Stock of any size Conveyor Belts that are correctly maintained to be shipped to our valuable customers promptly. Here we will talk about our super-quality Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt, which is highly effective as a powerful resistance to high heat while conveying materials at high temperatures. Heat is highly damaging, and as a result, the conveyor belt physically falls apart and loses its flexibility, resistance, abrasion, operational strength. As shown in the reference guideline below, CHERRY heat-resistant conveyor belts not only resist heat incredibly well, but they also have an impressively prolonged wear life when compared to their competitors.

Why Do We Need Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts?

  • Heat is probably the most brutal and harmful of all the challenges made on conveyor belts. High-temperature surroundings hasten the aging process, causing the rubber to tighten and tear. 
  • To protect the conveyor belt from hot materials like ashes, cokes, ores, chemicals, slag at high temperatures.
  • The fabric alternatives with heat-resistant rubber help to protect the belt from cracks and breakage.
  • Conveyor belts heat-resistant temperature constant keep the conveyor belt durable and robust for years.

HR (Heat Resistant) Conveyor Belt:

We are the leading HR Conveyor Belt Manufacturer and supplier in India, made of high-quality heat-resistant rubber. These heat-resistant conveyor belts are appropriate for applications where the temperature of the carried goods exceeds 80°C. These Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts are also grease and mineral protective. 

Our HR-grade Conveyor Belt is produced from high-quality raw materials to ensure long-term durability and ISO-certified products. This high-temperature conveyor belting is designed to elongate minimal under high temperatures while maintaining dimensional stability and maximum strength.

There are three categories of heat-resistant conveyer belt:

  • HR -T1 Grade Conveyor Belt: Our HR(T1) Conveyor Belts are heat resistant and can withstand continuous temperatures of up to 125 degrees Celsius on the belt surface and 180 degrees Celsius for the item conveyed.

Application Areas: These kinds of high-temperature conveyors are usually used in hot pallets, Foundries, paper, chemical & Fertilizer plants industry, stone crusher, limestone.

  • SHR -T2 Grade Conveyor Belt– Our SHR (T2) Conveyor Belt can withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius on the belt surface and 200 degrees Celsius for the item loaded.

Application Areas: This heat-resistant Rubber conveyor belt is highly used for conveying hot cement, hot powder, chemicals & Fertilizers, sintered ore, coke, salt work, etc.  

  • UHR -T3 Grade Conveyor Belt- Our UHR(T3) Conveyor Belt has been used for restricted high-temperature applications. It is certified for total production and continuous operation up to 180°C on the belt surface and 220°C for the material transported.

Application Areas: These heat-resistant conveyor belts are generally used to manage red hot materials, including cement, sintered ore, phosphate, clinker, glasswork, etc.

Our Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Specification:

Our high-temperature conveyors have the following specifications. Just have a close look:

  • Extremely high tensile strength and fatigue resistance
  • Strong and Rigid manufacturing
  • Solid and highly protective in terms of breakage
  • Superb abrasion and heat resistance cover made of rubber compound
  • Cover rubber specially made with synthetic rubber having high-temperature-resistant materials.
  • Ideal for preventing conveyor belt cracking and stiffness due to extreme heat.
  • High-quality Rubber cover and Carcass to protect from high-temperature  
  • corrosive resistant

Technical Info.

Grade Min. Tensile Strength Min Abrasion at Break Min Elongation at Break  HR temperature Const. Max. temp on belt surface Max. temp on material conveyed
HR (T1) >=14 N/mm^2 <=250 mm^3 >=400% 150°C 125°C 180°C
SHE (T2) >=14 N/mm^2 <=250 mm^3 >=400% 180°C 150°C 200°C
UHR (T3) >=13 N/mm^2 <=200 mm^3 >=350% 200°C 180°C 220°C

The quality and strength of the High-temperature Belting depend on the HR conveyor belt specifications. So, before purchasing it from any Manufacturer, kindly check HR grade conveyor belt specification.

Benefits of using Heat Resistant Belts:

High-temperature Conveyor Belt India, powered by Cherry- The Super Engineer, KASHETTER GROUP OF FIRMS provides many customizations and repairment services to their valued customers. We provide exact orders according to the needs of our customers. 

Consider the following benefits of this product:

  • HR conveyor belt offers a wide range of temperature that the material can sustain
  • Protect hostile effects and bad weather condition
  • High stability to the surface at all temperatures
  • higher belt flexibility and tracking capability
  • Excellent wear resistance, resulting in less damage, less stretching
  • When in touch with hot material, the belt does not dissolve or fall to pieces.

Kashetter Group of Firms is a well-known HR conveyor belt manufacturer among all the industries such as sponge iron, foundries, power plants, iron and steel plants, stone crushers, solvent plants, cement industries, mines, pulp and paper industries, fertilizer, and chemical plants, coal plant, sugar industry, coal handling plants, and food industries. 

If you need a heat-resistant rubber conveyor belt in the UK, we can also provide our best services to you.  For further information, please visit our official webpage @ www.KashetterGroup.com,

We have been supplying conveyor belts all over globe from many years. We are one of the Largest Conveyor Belts Manufacturer in India.

We have all types of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts HR T1, SHR T2, SHAR, UHR etc.

A Quality Product from CHERRY – The Super Engineer

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