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Conveyor rollers are of same form as of the conveyor belt. They also are helpful in conveying the materials from one place to another place. heavy duty conveyor rollers are used for conveying heavy loaded objects, where the materials strikes through its surface and reach its destination.
Conveyor rollers are of many types. here are some of the types of conveyor rollers that might be useful for you to know. They are, Gravity roller conveyor, Belt driven conveyor roller, chain driven roller conveyor, Line shaft roller conveyor, Zero pressure roller conveyor etc. Conveyor rollers for heavy duty are designed by our qualified, professional manufacturers who leaves no impact of damage and always uses the materials of high quality. Every heavy duty rollers are manufactured and supplied once they meet the standards or the quality check set by the Indian and international standards. Heavy duty roller conveyor have some of the specific features, they are as follows,
They are mainly used for the heavy loaded material transporting.
They are abrasion resistant.
They are it is distinct to wear and tear. The applications of heavy duty conveyor rollers can be seen in mining type of industries, in the factories, in different kind of manufacturing industries Etc. Kashetter group of firms manufacture all kind of roller conveyers and heavy duty conveyor rollers with a different type of specifications. also we custom design as per your guidelines regarding the roller size , load type, its orientation, its frame material, distance and curvature etc.
Kashetter Group Of Firms are dwelled into this business since decades of years. On supplying a large quantity of our quality products all over India, Kashetter Group of Firms are now considered as the most reliable and one of the best heavy duty roller conveyor manufacturers in India. We have zero percent complaints or negative reviews since last few years.

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