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Heli worm gearbox are also known as the PC variator. Here the design is in such a way that the unit
comprises of grounded hardened worms with centrifugal cast bronze gears. They are basically one of
the type in speed reduction gearbox.
The main characteristics and features of using quality cherry heli worm gear reducer are as follows:
There suitable for low output speed.
they can be either single are two output shafts.
They can be designed either as foot or flange mounted.
They consists of Small offset output.
Installation method is simple.
Designed with compact structure and also maximize the use of cabinet space.
Their accuracy and efficiency is above 95%.
Available with different reduction ratios.
kashetter group of firms are noted as the best manufacturers of heli worm gearbox since many
years. We are basically from Bangalore and the firm was started in the year 1964. we have an
experienced team who can solve any kind of industrial problem and find the effective solution to it.
We have supplied large quantity of PC variator to almost all the places in India covering all the states
and also exported abroad. our continuous dedication, following the professional ethics and practises
till now and never compromising on the quality of the product, all these helped us in gaining the
trust of the customers.
Now we have no negative reviews on any kind of industrial products and we are the most reliable
and trusted heli worm gearbox suppliers in India. Our products are also certified by both Indian and
international standards.
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