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To gain the high performance in the effectively controlling over the deposition of the inorganic
scales in the reverse osmosis membrane, the high PH RO antiscalant chemicals plays a very
important role. they have the ability of inhibiting the scales as well as the disperse colloidal particles
in the cellulose acetate.

The kashetter group of firms are having all the different types of anti scaling chemicals that performs
the different functions for different applications. We have been one of the largest producers of the
water treatment chemicals and hence we are also considered to be one of the best and most leading
high PH RO antiscalant chemical dealers in India.

The high RO antiscalant comes with a different physical and chemical properties such as, it really is
in its water solubility, in its ph content, specific gravity and few more. They can combat the silica
fouling very well, preventing the downtime and the increased cost. They are highly efficient and
effective anti scaling chemical, We were capable of preventing the low production and the poor
permeate quality and their specially designed for the high silica feed water.

Apart from the high PH RO antiscalant chemical we are also offering the other related water
treatment chemicals that can bring the tremendous change in the water by converting the waste
water into the efficient water that is fit for use. Poly electrolyte liquid, descaling liquid, high silica
antiscalant, dispersant, deodorizers, decolorants, ph booster, RO biocide, neutralizer boilers, sludge
conditioner, Alkalinity reducer, antifoulants, fuel additives, fireside additives are Some of the most
supplied and available water treatment chemicals we supply.

To make the orders of the chemicals according to your application requirements, please tell us your
complete details regarding your application and what exactly you’re looking for, and we will provide
you with the best solution.

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