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High pressure boiler oxygen scavenger chemicals are designed to combat the detrimental effects of
oxygen related corrosion in the industrial boiler systems and the other steam raising plants and help
them to reduce their maintenance cost and increase the efficiency.

The kashetter group of firms are one of the best and highly trusted high pressure boiler oxygen
scavenger chemical dealers in India, where we have been Supplying all the different types of boilers
such as the sodium sulfite, disodium sulfite, potassium sulfite and few more.

These oxygen scavengers chemical are ideal for low pressure and steam heritage applications, Wait
they have the low cost and is colourless as a product. Each and every member of the kashetter
Group of firms are very well experienced in fabrication of different types of water treatment
chemicals for improving the water quality.
Here a few of the advantages of the high pressure boiler oxygen scavenger chemical
They are fast acting, safe and easy to use.
They are suitable for all the high, medium as well as the low pressure boiler system.
they are less toxic and has low maintenance cost.
They are very good corrosion resistant film and a good oxygen absorber.

Kashetter group of firms are also offering the other important water treatment chemicals, they are
the antiscalant chemical, high silica inhibitor, PH booster, RO biocide, neutralizer boilers, Poly
electrolyte liquid, descaling liquid chemicals, and other these, we are also one of the best
manufacturers of conveyor belt, Rubber sheets and its products, conveyor roller and machinery

We have the best and fast mode of transportation available for all the users and we’re not only the
dealers, we are also the manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors,
exporters, importers and service providers of high pressure boiler oxygen scavenger chemical and
other water treatment chemicals.

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