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As the name specifies High silica antiscalant are the chemicals that are particularly used to reduce
the silica content in the various mediums. The accumulation of silica can absorb the phosphate salts
and also results in scaling.
This accumulation of silica content in the water mediums can create the fouling and forms Jel like
structure. There is a possibility that they can even form a chain of polymers and gets adhered to the
membrane. so there should be a regular maintenance of the water mediums.
Kashetter group of firms offers the premium quality chemicals all over the world. we have many
years of experience in making the chemicals considering the safe and favourable specifications that
are used by almost all the users.
High silica antiscalant chemical indirectly helps in maintaining the quality of the water, They are
available in different ph values where the solubility of the silica depends upon the ph value. Hence
the buyers can choose according to their needs.
We ship the chemicals worldwide and are fortunate to be considered as the best high silica
antiscalants suppliers not only in Bangalore but also in India.
Yes, Kashetter group of firms are originally from Bangalore. we are very much grateful and fortunate
enough to have the most experienced engineers who always look forward to give the best unsafe
chemicals out for various problems.
Many buyers are eagerly seeking to solve the problem of high silica content in the water feed. Using
high silica antiscalant chemicals can reduce the overall maintenance cost by reducing silica or
eliminating the same.
Other than high silica antiscalant chemicals, There are many other water treatment chemicals that
we offer here and are certified by the Indian standards. You are most welcomed to clear all your
queries by contacting us through the contact information available on our website.

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