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High temperature resistant conveyor belts are mostly used in the foundries, Hot chemical and fertiliser industry, in handling red hot material etc. They convey the materials of high temperature from one place to another. High temperature conveyor belt cools down the materials and carry the process smoothly. Some of the characteristics and benefits of high temperature resisting conveyor belts are as follows:
We offer different capacity of resisting temperature. Hence you can choose according to the temperature of conveying materials.
They are wear and tear resistant.
They are durable and have good life span.
They can be custom designed based on width, speed of conveyor etc. Kashetter Group of firms have been the most reliable manufacturers of high temperature resistant conveyor belts in India. Kashetter Group of firms was started in the year 1964 in Bangalore. we have well experienced and knowledgeable manufacturers who design all kinds of products that are very effective and easy to use.
Every quality product of Kashetter Group Of Firms are allowed to be supplied only after completing the quality test and standards set by both international board and Indian board. The high temperature resistant conveyor belt we manufacture are of high quality with reasonable price.
Kashetter Group Of Firms consider the needs and requirements of every individual of industrial sector. We follow the professional ethics in every process. We have supplied a wide range of high temperature resistant conveyor beltings and other products in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gujarat, covering every state of India.
We have also successfully exported our products to other foreign countries too. Kashetter Group of Firms are not the manufacturers and suppliers but we are also the retailers , suppliers, exporters, distributors, wholesalers, service providers and Importers. Similar to high temperature resistant conveyor belt, we have in stock, the heat resistant conveyor belt, cleated conveyor belt, fire resistance conveyor belt, mining conveyor belt, industrial conveyor belts, rollers , rubber lagging sheets, heavy duty belts and rollers, wire meshes, etc.

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