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In line helical geared motor are used in wide applications worldwide. The primary work of this
geared motor is to Achieve horizontal and vertical drive.
The in line helical geared motor that we supply are of the best quality and they offer the following
Most importantly they are highly powerful.
Energy efficient product.
Hygiene With providing the best solution.
Extreme environmental conditions do not affect the efficiency of these in line helical geared motors.
That also suitable for the heavy duty loads for long durations.
kashetter group of firms offers the geared motors with the different design specifications, say maybe
in case of size, version, case, the power options, color etc.
We have those masterminds who design the best efficient industrial product with having decades of
experience in this profession. Hence we are considered to be the best manufacturers of in line
helical geared motor in India.
We have been supplying all types of industrial products to the places like Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat, Nagpur, pune, Coimbatore covering almost every state of
India. we have also exported large quantity of products to the foreign countries also covering almost
every continent in the world.
We are considered to be one of the best in line helical geared motor suppliers in India. We have a
specialised team for checking the quality and testing of the working condition of all the industrial
products. also they are certified by Indian standards and international standards also.
The other type of industrial products that the cash later group of firms offers to the buyers are
conveyor belts, food grade conveyor belts, fabric conveyor belts, mining conveyor rollers, heavy duty
conveyor rollers, gearbox, and many more.
We have always followed the professional ethics in every step we take. We offer a simple mode of
transportation and the buyers can contact us regarding any queries they have and can also ask for
custom specifications.

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