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There are different types of industrial cleaning chemicals are available in the market that includes
the strong alkaline cleaning agents, medium alkali cleaning agents, mild alkali chemical solution and
the strong acids, that are highly useful for cleaning the different applications of the industrial sector.

Each and every industrial sector have to keep the area clean and for that it is highly recommended
to use the necessary water treatment chemicals for maintaining the cleanliness and promote the
high quality raw materials from all the kinds of industrial sector. The kashetter Group of firms are
considered to be one of the most noted industrial cleaning chemicals dealers in India since many

Since we have established this firm, we have been continuously hard working and focused on
meeting the demands of the industrial needs. Also we are offering the most affordable industrial
leaning chemicals price in India and shipping them all over India and abroad covering all the seven
continents in the world.

These chemicals can be used in the industries for applications like the floor cleaning, it’s refinishing
and sealing, for cleaning the heavy duty equipment, for the industrial carpet and upholstery
cleaning, window and glass, for power washing, loading dock cleaning and many more.

Achieving the healthier and safer environment with the increased industrial organization, saving a
lot of time and money and contributing to the increased productivity and a healthy environment are
few of the main advantages of using these industrial cleaning chemicals. you can also look for the
related water treatment chemicals we are supplying right now to all the customers with a different
transportation modes provided to the customers.

As we have been in this field of profession since many decades, we have the most experienced team
members for making the new kind of water treatment chemicals to all the customers that will best
suit their application and hence if you have such requirement please get back to us for discussing
about the same.

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