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Industrial gantry crane are nothing but the overhead cranes that acts as a supporting structure to
the bridge, trolley and the hoist. They uses the legs for supporting and rides on the rails implanted in
the ground. They are usually used for the outdoor applications and works well with the loading
capacity, below its existing overhead bridge crane systems.
There are different types of gantry cranes such as, single girder, double girder, portable girder and
adjustable girder crane. And the kashetter group of firms offers all the types of gantry cranes and
these types of gantry cranes can be used according to the application in the particular type of
industrial sector.
Following are some of the main features and advantages of these heavy duty gantry crane:
They are safe, flexible and highly efficient.
They can easily be moved because of the presence of the casters.
They are reliable and do not require more maintenance.
They provide the replacements for the permanent systems.
The capacity strength of these gantry cranes varies.
Improved load control can be observed here.
The 1 ton gantry crane price that we offer here depends upon the specifications and the quality, and
it is definitely affordable for all the clients for its quality and features.
We have the most experienced members for industrial gantry crane manufacturing. The fabricators here
always tend to improve themselves And work on different customized and effective products so
that our products gives its best efficiency in the industries.
This heavy duty gantry cranes aren’t the only one we are supplying , we also supply a lot more
industrial products, chemicals, conveyor belts and conveyor rollers, wire meshes, rubber sheets and
its products and many more. You can get the complete list of the products and about the services
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